What Do You Need To Apply For Scholarships

Why do we need scholarships? What do we need to do if we wish to apply for scholarship programs? We have these questions asked by our viewers every day and now it is time for us to solve their queries.

Scholarships are fundamentally a financing scheme to help students to finance their studies so that they do not have to worry about all these while pursuing their studies. Of course not every student can be successful if they apply for one, but our suggestion to you is to start as early as possible so that you have time to prepare for the application and satisfying the requirements.

Of course, not all scholarships are suitable for you as there are easily hundreds or even thousands of them you can find, on top of these types of funding available i.e. grants, bursaries. So once you are ready to apply for your scholarship (meaning you have chosen the right one for yourself), here are the items that you require.

  • Your highest qualification certificate i.e. first degree
  • Letter of recommendation i.e. recommendation letter from your employers (work) or academic professor (academic)
  • Language certificate i.e. TOEFL, IELTS
  • Curriculum resume
  • Motivation letter

Once you have the above ready, you will be ready to submit your very first application for scholarship. However, we need to advise you that such application can take very long to be processed. You should start as early as possible.

What Are The Requirements For Free Pre Kindergarden Education?

Pre kinder garden education is a form of preschool education for a child before he begins his kinder garden schooling. It usually takes place around the age 3 and student needs to be able to meet some minimum requirements to qualify for such free education especially Pre K in irving, Texas.

Firstly, when it comes to the age, the child has to be at least 3 years old, while some states requires at least 4. He needs to have limited English Proficiency which means he must have problems understanding or speaking the English language. Second, the family of the child must be economically disadvantaged whereby the federal income guidelines of the family have to be fulfilled.

Next, the child needs to be homeless. This is to make sure that the child really needs help in terms of financial, mental and psychological. There are of course, many other requirements, but we wouldn’t be able to cover all of them in this article. If you need to find more information, simply perform a search for it online and there will be many returned results to explain to you more.

In Summary

If your child needs to enroll into pre kinder garden education, you need to make sure that your child meets all the qualification criteria.

Getting Into College is Easy…With This

Many students always long to get into their college of their choice but do not have a good idea of how they can do it. This article will share with you some simple tips today.

Firstly you need to ensure that you have very good high school grades. Try to do your best and score your best scores so that you are well above the rest. Second, we also believe that you should go for all kinds of college preparation courses as much as possible during your 4 years of high school studies. Next we encourage that you should go for practice test and take both SAT and ACT tests. This will definitely boost your chances for admission into your preferred college. There are plenty of free SAT or ACT materials that are available on the internet which you can practice.

College essays are very important during your college years as you are required to work on them frequently. Our suggestion is that you should practice on writing college essays as much as possible and learn to write them well. Writing an essay is as good as selling you. Learn to sell yourself well will make yourself outstand as compared to others.

Academic studies are not the only consideration for the selection into college admission. Colleges will look into your involvement in the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of your school and community. Try to be involved in these activities as much as possible during your 4 years of high school.

Lastly, if you wish to get into your ideal college, you need to start early by search of those colleges beforehand. This can be as early as during the early days of your junior days. This will ensure that you can be less stressful and provides you with sufficient time to do your research.

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How To Learn Programming As A Beginner

Some people want to learn how to do programming and build software for him but the greatest hurdle here is that they do not know where to start. We should feel lucky today as with evolve of internet, lots of free resources and tips are now readily available for you to pick up the skill of programming in no time. However, that is pretty subjected to how hardworking you are, and how much you are willing to learn.

How To Learn Programming As A Beginner

Most people have the misconception that programming for a beginner is only for adults but they could be wrong. As far as we know, there are kids who learn to do it as young as 9 years old and they are pretty good in it. So think about it this way; if a small kid can do it, why can’t you? Hence in this article, we are going to share with you some tips on how you can learn programming even if you are a beginner.

  • Learn the fundamentals, not the language

Firstly, you have to know the fundamentals of programming i.e. data structures or design patterns before you choose the language to learn. Knowing the basics will allow you to pick up any other programming language rather easily, since it is only the syntax or codes that could be different.

  • Start with something simple, really simple

If you are a savvy programmer, you can go ahead and learn all types of complex programming languages. However, if you just a programming beginner, our recommendation is always to start simple. Learn to write simple code to test your understanding before you can go into complexity. We suggest you begin with something like Auto HotKey which requires you to start with simple scripting and macro programs to achieve a task in your Windows Desktop.

  • Do not rush into getting the results, do it slowly

When it comes to programming, one has to learn to be really patient. With the right attitude and patience, you can go a long way into this area. Before rushing in producing the results you want to see, without considering how well you have coded it, you will probably land up with a set of codes which you would not understand well. A good example here will be commenting your codes. Always remember that you should leave comments in every sentence of your codes, so that another person taking over your job, do not have to waste a long of time understanding it without your explanation.

  • Manage your progress

Most programming project cannot be completed within a day. It is always recommended to keep a checklist of where you last left off or what you have done. This will prevent you from coding more than what you need to code.

Here’s a short video to get your started!

In Summary

When it comes to programming for beginners, it is always important to constantly upgrade yourself from time to time. There are many different types of programming ranging from desktop scripting, to web development like HTML or CSS, or mobile web development. You just need to know which area you are truly interested in order to excel in whatever you are doing.

What Are The Different Types Of Essay Writing?

When pursuing academic success, you will not be able to avoid writing essays because it is a critical aspect when we talk about effective writing. You can be asked to write an essay as and when you are required. It can be a common school assignment or even a college application requirement hence learning to write an essay effectively is crucial if you really aim to do well for your academic studies. If you face any problem, you can always visit http://www.essay-profy.com/college-essay-help/.

When we talk about the different types of essay available, you can really a dozen of them but the most 4 common types of essay are narrative essay, which requires you to write about your real life experience in a story form, descriptive essay, which expects you to describe something as detailed as possible, expository essay, which requires you to present your analysis of a particular topic with facts and statistics and persuasive essay, which aims to present facts with the goal of convincing your reader to accept your point of view and recommendation. You need to be able to argue over your facts effectively.

There are many ways for you to learn how to write effective essays. One way is to attend online writing classes which are suitable for young writers.

Why You Should Study Hotel Management In Turkey?

Why do you think people would choose to study in Turkey? After all, there are so many prestigious universities and schools in the world. Well, many people are not aware that Turkey is currently one of the fastest growing countries in the world. On top of this, the country also welcomes foreign students. In fact, there are currently many opportunities for foreign students who are serious to pursue their education in Turkey.

Of course not forgetting that quality education is equally important no matter which country you choose to further your studies. If you are looking for quality education but not want to do it in US or UK, Turkey is definitely your next best choice as its education quality is slightly behind the two.

Apart from education quality, other reasons why some students consider Turkey includes the country’s geopolitical importance (a stable economy with its strategic location) and tons of scholarship opportunities for you to choose from.

One of the most popular subjects to study in Turkey would be hotel management. If you are pursuing a master degree after your undergraduate degree, there is a “Master in International Hotel Management” which should suit your needs. To study hotel management in Turkey, do not worry if the admission criteria are demanding.

Which One To Choose – MBA or JD?

After you have completed your undergraduate degree, naturally the next level of academic advancement is to go for a master degree or postgraduate degree. If you are interested to go into business admin, an MBA (master in business administration) will be most suitable for you. Alternatively, you may consider getting a JD (Juris doctor) which is equally highly respectable as MBA. Regardless of which one you go for, you will not regret your decision eventually as they are both good.

When coming to admission criteria, most MBA programs require you to possess a business undergraduate degree as admission criteria though some may not be so strict about it. Most of them require you to complete a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) with a score of 540 to show that you possess not just working experience, but great test scores as well. Most JD programs, on the other hand, will accept you if you are a degree holder of any discipline. However, they would need you Laws School Admissions Test (LSAT) with an average score of 150 to be considered for admission.

If you decide to pursue both MBA and JD, you may opt for dual MBA/JD programs which may cost more to study. The benefits however are, you get to enjoy shorter study for a dual programs as compared to 2 solo programs. This is to say, a dual MBA/JD program will take you about 4 years, whereas, if you take a solo MBA and another JD program separately, it will take you a total of 5 years to complete both solo programs. Another advantage we have observed is that a dual program gives you the flexibility of switching your career in future when you step into the working industry.

Whichever programs you aim for, make sure that you do your homework diligently as the decision made is a great one.

Source: http://www.coursesguide.org/choosing-the-right-business-course-mba-vs-jd/

Reviews Of House Tutors

Gone were the days when parents would need to ask for the help of tuition coordinators to look for tutors to address their children’s tuition needs. The new trend now is the parents going online to search and choose their own tutors as these new age parents are savvy in using the World Wide Web and search engines.

With such needs, we see new online platforms coming up every day to feature tutors and one such platform is House Tutors. It is a one stop portal for parents to solve their tuition needs.

House Tutors allows parents to post their tuition requests for potential tutors to offer their service and on the other hand, allows tutors to post their profile for parents to view and compare. Here’s something which we believe is very helpful and unique.

Once there are 2 interested parties who are keen in each other, House Tutors introduces a brilliant chat feature for parents to communicate with potential tutors and understand more about them and how they can help them with their child. It serves like an interview session for the parents proceed ahead to engage any of the tutor’s service.

If you are a tutor who is genuinely interested to build a portfolio in House Tutors, no problem, you can upload your educational certificates and biography. You can get ratings from your parents too.

Presently, there are 6 distinctive categories available i.e. Primary, Secondary, JC, Special Education, Arts and Coaches and there will be more to come.

If you think you would like to be featured on the main page of House Tutors, you might be keen to drop them an email to find out more.

You can visit them at http://www.housetutor.com.sg

In Summary

With this new online platform, there will be no more worries for the parents to find a suitable tutor for their child.

Learning Mathematics The Singapore Way

Learning mathematics is a fun and exciting journey. The joy of solving every mathematics question would always give us the type of satisfaction we can hardly describe. However, sometimes, we would ask ourselves, why do we need to learn mathematics? Why do we learn it when we are young and how does learning it benefit us when we step into the working society? These are the questions we would ask ourselves from time to time which not many people can answer us.  To do it in a simple way (answer these questions), mathematics is around us in our daily life; it is everywhere as long as there is technology. Technology is very closely related to mathematics as it requires logics and calculations to operate. Top paying jobs like scientists and investment managers require good mathematical skills; which means if you possess the right mathematical skills, you may land up in a good pay job in future.


If you think maths is all about numbers crunching, you can be wrong as it concerns about patterns too. Based on patterns, you can estimate or predict the next outcome. This is especially useful for people whom are into investments or planning i.e. stock analysts study past stocks and shares history to predict future stock pattern. Next, mathematics allows you to think logically and improve your mental ability. This is good for people whom are in the IT industry i.e. software programmers using logics to create algorithms and write codes in order for the software to work correctly. Lastly, allow yourself to organize your ideas well, learn the skills in the right way to solve sophisticated mathematics questions.

Learning Mathematics in Singapore

There are mainly 2 levels of formal education for the younger ones in Singapore, first is the elementary which we refer as primary, and another called the middle school which is popularly known as secondary. In Singapore primary level, the students are taught mathematics using the Model Method for their problem solving questions.

Model Method:

Model Method is fundamentally using child-friendly pictorial language to allow students to learn Singapore Math in a fun and easy manner. A good example will be Bar Model Method which teaches how to perform basic math functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through boxes or blocks. By drawing these objects, students are able to visualize the problem clearer, thus understand Maths better. This methodology was originally created in Singapore by a teacher by the name called Mr. Hector Chee. Due to its practicality, this method was quickly adopted and taught in many schools beginning from Primary 1 students. It can also be applied to other areas like fractions, decimals and ratios. Why it is so popular because studies shows that kids can respond better to pictures and drawings, thus allowing them to solve maths questions easier. Students in Singapore are generally weaker when it comes to Maths generally because they face difficulties understanding the structure of the problem and applying the right knowledge to resolve it.

In Singapore math curriculum, problem solving is the core activity of students’ daily learning. Students are expected to draw model diagrams to help them understand the mathematical relationships within a problem. Such pictorial skills and techniques will be required if you intend to become a Singapore teacher.

Practice, Practice, and more Practice

When it comes to learning Maths, all you need is to keep practicing and solve as many questions as possible. If you are running out of questions, just hop on to the internet and search for free ones. Otherwise, you can consider signing up with websites like http://www.kungfu-math.com/ which provides you with unlimited practice and self-generating questions. It is jovial and fun which makes learning for kids truly enjoyable, motivating and engaging for them with math games. First look at this website would make you fall in love with them as it is well-designed and they created special cartoon characters like Lin the Tortoise, Lana the Rabbit, Dizzy the Dragon, Robert the Penguin and Sunny the Tiger. Your children are allowed to adopt any of them as pets.

Most importantly, the practice questions in Kung Fu Math are designed based on the curriculum in Singapore to make sure that your kids are learning the same way as they do in schools. If you are not ready to sign up for a premium account with them (since you have not tested their practice questions yet), you may sign up for a free basic account to try out, otherwise, you can try to email them and ask for practice questions too. Their questions comprise of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question), SAQ (Short Answer Question) and LAQ (Long Answer Question). Each type of question will allow your children to learn Maths effectively and do well for their exams. Start their learning today for as low as USD 30 cents a day! Here’s a short intro video:

In Summary

Learning Maths in Singapore can be fun so try not to make your children do it in the wrong way. They are growing up so their daily life should be enjoying and fruitful but not dull and boring.

Reviews Of LearningCourses.com.sg

Learning is a process that is never ending. Especially in today’s society, you can no longer stop you learning pace as newer things are coming up every day. You only know you need to keep gaining new knowledge so that you can keep up with the society. The easiest and fastest way is to take courses. Courses can come in many forms. It can be short or long, part time or full time. A short course can be as short as 1 hour to 2 hours or as long as 4 to 5 years. Part time courses usually require a short period of time each attendance day i.e. a few hours. Full time courses require more time which is the reason why it is not suitable for working professionals. There are also academic and non-academic courses. Academic courses can be diploma or degree courses and non-academic ones can be leisure activities or entertainments like golf or yoga.

Learningcourses.com.sg is a great place for you to search for your ideal new courses in Singapore. It is the largest directory in Singapore that contains all the courses you ever need. Their courses include Photography, Make Up, Yoga or even Golf, and if you couldn’t find one you desire, simply drop them an email and they will help them to find one for you.

The website itself is very user friendly when navigating and fast loading. The interface is clean and neat with many useful features that you can use. First you can click on the “Search For A Course” to get yourself started. From there, you can set criteria like course type, sub course type, cost type or some search criteria if you do not wish to go through the long list of criteria to pick from.


If you are a frequent reader of the website, you will find courses highlights and recently added courses. In course highlights, it shows a list of courses that are featured. These courses are usually highly in demand and popular. Recently added courses section will show you the courses that have been newly added into their system. If you find any of the courses interesting which your social friends might be interested, you may even share it on your social network too.

What if you are a teacher or tutor and wish to teach a course? Can you make good use of this website? The answer is Yes! It allows you to submit a course so that you can register the course you are teaching. This means, you can now even make money with this program. Amazing!


For limited period, the website gives you a chance to submit your first course for free. After which, they will charge you a fee of $8 a month. So take the opportunity to submit your course now. You have really nothing to lose! To do so, simply fill up a form on their webpage to send in your course details. See below.


Did we mention that learningcourses.com.sg comes with a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/learningcourses.com.sg? Yes, you can now follow them on their Facebook page to receive news and updates of their website progress, tips and news. Join 9,000+ fans to be part of the social networking group today! If you are a regular Facebook user, there is a lucky draw for you now to stand to win a $10 NTUC supermarket shopping voucher. Simply share a post on your timeline to state why and what are the things you love about LearningCourses.com.sg. If you win the draw, you shall be notified on Facebook accordingly.

In Summary

Finding the right course for you to take is very important. You should spend more time doing your homework. Looking for the No. 1 course searching needs in Singapore? Visit Learning Courses today!